Isidoro Toledano

Director of Operations at Bluenest by Globalvia

Who am I?

Curious, avid learner of new things and, above all, understanding the “why” of things.

What´s my story?

For me the big question is, “Where are you from”? Because of my father’s military career and my own as a civil engineer, I’ve lived all over Spain and in some foreign countries as well. A somewhat atypical civil engineer, since the start of my professional career in the construction sector I’ve always tried to incorporate new technologies and new methodologies into my daily work.

What do I do at Openvia?

I’ve had the good fortune to be able to repurpose my career and now, together with my colleagues, I’m embarking on an exciting challenge: participating in the creation of a new sector, Urban Aerial Mobility with unmanned vehicles.

Ask me about…?

Almost anything. If I don’t have an answer at the time, the next time we meet I will have done my homework and I’ll have an answer for you.

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