About us

We are immersed in an era of change and profound transformation. The future is here, life is movement. Openvia is both.

Openvia Mobility, the innovation and technology platform of the Globalvia Group created in 2020, has the mission to develop new services and business models oriented to the mobility of the future.

We move the people who move the world. We connect vital nomads with their passion, their dreams and their values. To move is not to conform, it is to progress, it is to enjoy.

Never Stop Moving!

Our essence is made up of five values: Dynamism, Open Innovation, No rules, User centric, Add value.

At the same time, we provide all our teams with guidelines on the correct way to perform their tasks and behave in their daily work with our Code of Conduct.

We also provide this guide to our fellow travellers (suppliers, customers and stakeholders) our Code of Conduct for Openvia’s business partners.