Geomic Lanternn

A new way to manage traffic events in real time

Intelligent Operations

Solutions: Geomic

Applying Artificial Intelligence to O&M and traffic management

The integration of Geomic by Openvia and Lanternn by Valerann™ offers a comprehensive view of real-time road operations.

Digitizing Infrastructure and Operations.


Combination of new generation sensors, ITS, & Open Data. 

Open API.

New V2I connection paradigm – Traffic event information. 

One-of-a-kind data fusion engine, integrating.

Existing ITS data (cameras, loops, radars…).

Open/Public data (Google, car floating data, meteorology…).

Proprietary/patented AI algorithms. 

Simplify and accelerate the delivery of relevant information to the Control Center and field-staff.

Real-time identification of incidents.

Early management of any event.

Weight and asses changes in the environment.

Evolving incident management.

Automatic creation of incidents to Control Center. 

Merge traffic events with preventative and corrective plans .

Build custom rules for real-time event management.

Easily Deployed and Field Tested

Valerann and Openvia have successfully completed deployments in several Globalvia assets around the world (ACEGA, Costa Arauco, Ruta 27 and Pocahontas), with the following results:

Improved situational awareness and increased responsiveness to critical road safety events.

Extending road coverage from 55% to 100%, eliminating blind spots.

89% increase in road event detection.

25% reduction in critical event detection time.

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