Tolling Back Office

Intelligent Roads

Deploy your toll management system of the future

Adaptable to every toll scenario

Openvia’s Back Office solution services various toll models, including cash, channelized, Multi-Lane Free Flow, and distance-based. We operate for our customers and offer different subscription models for our services.

Easy and efficient toll management

Designed to simplify and deploy all processes linked to toll management: data acquisition from any type of lane, transit consolidation, transit type classification, trip construction, omnichannel customer account management, invoicing and execution.

Designed by expert road operators for mobility operators

Open, scalable, and designed to integrate with any existing system in any situation optimizing investment needs.

Innovation platform

Our Back Office allows you to agilely explore any new toll management models, including: RUC, tolling with Apps, LEZ, and others.

Main Benefits

  • User-friendly, customizable, and easy to use interface.
  • Real-time management of operations: advanced reporting and management dashboards.
  • Advanced commercial management including integration with Salesforce CRM services such as chatbots, IVR, messaging, emails, and call center.

A new way of offering mobility services

Our cloud solutions offer continuous evolution and high scalability of the platform, with the possibility of incorporating new services without the need to update the software:

  • Multiple applicable charging schemes.
  • Easy access to complementary cloud services.
  • Smoother Migration & Integrations.

Intelligent tolls and customer centric

Benefits of implementing this toll management system:

  • Simple process for generating and automating reports.
  • Agile implementation procedures with third parties, removing need to patch CD/CI.
  • Enhanced automated image review capabilities.
  • Gather more details on traffic flow and evolving trip creation capabilities.
  • Incorporation of mobile and web payment solutions to improve the user experience via more flexible payments.
Tolling Back Office

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