Bluenest by Globalvia

Advanced Air Mobility

Bluenest is Globalvia’s innovation line for Advanced Air Mobility and landfill management.

Innovation in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

In densely populated cities and other less accessible interurban areas, short distances can seem like miles. We are therefore reshaping mobility and developing the «nests» of the future (vertiports and ticket offices) to improve people’s quality of life.

Our vision:

  • Establish a new infrastructure connecting land and air for the benefit of citizens.
  • Management and operation of landfill networks to enable safe and efficient advanced air mobility.
  • Fast and sustainable transportation through the use of eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take Off and Landing) vehicles.
  • Possibility of offering air services for cabs, ambulances, logistics or tourist routes.
  • Collaborate with the administrations to generate a regulatory framework and ensure environmental protection and balance.
Bluenest Innovation in advanced air mobility (AAM)