Contactless System

Mobility Services

Tap&Go allows direct validation by bank card or mobile terminal and intelligent post-payment for travelers, enabling payment for journeys made at the end of each month.

Solutions:  Seville | Tap&Go

Contactless ticketing

Benefits of Tap&Go implementation

  • Convenience and ease of use: eliminates the need to buy or print physical tickets. 
  • Reduced queues and waiting times: minimizing congestion at peak hours. 
  • Lower costs associated with printing tickets and transport cards. 
  • Easily adopt a contactless ticketing system that automatically applies the ideal rates to users. 
  • This solution will incorporate a back-office built in the Cloud.

Tap&Go and Metro de Sevilla

This contactless system was adopted by Metro de Sevilla in 2020. By 2021, 19.6% of Seville Metro ticket users were using Tap&Go.