Mobility Platform

Combining technology and experience to offer sustainable mobility solutions.

Openvia’s technology platform facilitates the management and digitization of operations for mobility system operators.

Our Openvia Mobility Platform is a holistic solution for the management of any urban and interurban mobility service. 

Our platform allows you to manage any urban and interurban mobility service with open, scalable technology.

1. «As a service» model deployment in weeks, modular microservices to provide exactly what you need, and limited investment.
2. Integrates with any mobility service like public transport, parking, regulated transit zones, and tolls.
3. Leverages data lakes and advanced dashboards to facilitate real-time analysis and decision making.
4. Real-time analysis of mobility services.
5. Powerful engine manages business processes, rules, and exceptions to define your mobility services.
6. Configurable user friendly interface, dashboards and interactive maps.
7. Synergizes IoT technologies, machine learning and artificial vision for efficient operation.
8. Allows management of mobility services in real time.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation is one of the driving forces that make us better as a company and ensures we provide the greatest possible value to the solutions we develop. That is why at Openvia we generate synergies with all stakeholders in the transportation industry.