José Ignacio Rodríguez

Managing Director at Bluenest by Globalvia

Who am I?

Versatile, hardworking, detail and results oriented, organized and very communicative. Despite having a very logical thinking, I have a creative and dreamy side that makes me passionate about new technologies, always willing to undertake and bring my motivation and knowledge in new challenges that allow me to grow, experiment and add value.

What´s my story?

I grew up in an aeronautical environment, at the Tablada airfield and other military bases as my father was a pilot in the Air Force. After completing Telecommunications Engineering in Seville, I have dedicated my professional life to air traffic control systems for commercial aviation and then to UAVs and urban air mobility.

What do I do at Openvia?

My illusion is to bring my accumulated experience and collaborative spirit to Openvia Air and add to create new lines of business that add value to our company and also to the citizenship. I hope to accumulate many hours of flight and experience with the squadron.

Ask me about…?

Whatever you want, any questions are welcome and helpful in defining a wonderful future that is yet to be created in: Urban air mobility, eVTOLs, U-space, vertiports, automation with UAVs, etc.

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