Darío Álvarez Ares

Senior UAM UTM Programs Manager at Bluenest by Globalvia

Who am I?

Pathologically empirical geek. Investigative, restless, questioning, responsible, versatile and very persevering. Without imagination there is no progress.

What´s my story?

I am a computer scientist with extensive experience in the world of Cybersecurity, Defense and Air Traffic. Project management both nationally and internationally. Passionate researcher of new technologies and everything that surrounds them, work, always as a team.

What do I do at Openvia?

As part of the great team in which I have had the great opportunity to join, I provide experience and knowledge related to Air Traffic Management system technologies and their counterparts for drones, UTM and U-space. My job is, on the one hand, to collaborate in the development of projects in this area, on the other hand, to contribute my experience supporting the development of the Urban Air Mobility sector, collaborating in the design and implementation of both infrastructures and services. . that enable their adequate integration, exploitation and expansion. In short, always keep learning.

Ask me about…?

Ask me about “things that fly.” Technology, 3D printing, drones, mountain racing and endurance sports. Ask me about anything since, what I don’t know, I investigate.

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