Víctor López Rapado

Head of Data at Openvia Mobility

Who am I?

I am a friend of my friends, passionate about technology and beers. Available 24×7 for any chat about existential crises.

What´s my story?

I am from Zamora, living in Madrid. I came to Madrid to study Telecommunications Engineering and I stayed in these lands still with places to explore. I love to mix the business world with technology and solve impossible problems with the help of technology, so I did a master’s degree in business management and sales management. I have an entrepreneurial profile and a huge desire to chat.

What do I do at Openvia?

I joined Openvia in 2022 and today I am Head of Data. In the Data department we are creating a product so that we can become a data-driven company and exploit data as one of the company’s greatest assets.

Ask me about…?

My dog, my baby, video games, history, politics and restaurants.

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