Fernando Vallejo

Managing Director at Openvia Mobility

Who am I?

I seek to make every moment a game, persevering, sportsman and lover of good food.


What´s my story?

Asking about my history makes me realise how much time has passed. Now a deconstructed telecommunications engineer who took the opportunity to see the world. My grid was sifted through a period of strategic consultancy. After this stage I started at Globalvia where I reconverted to human resources and coaching. Then I returned to innovation with the idea of doing different things that would not leave anyone indifferent.


What do I do at Openvia?

Change the world. Never alone. Accompanied at all times by a team of brilliant minds and team players moving in the same direction.


Ask me about…?

My daughters, new things, meditation, anything. I might just ask you a question myself, OK?

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