Antonio Franco

DevOps and Software Control Developer at Openvia Mobility

Who am I?

I intend to be a pleasant person and give welfare to those around me. I am curious, with vocation of service, assertive, meticulous, always involved in the improvement and gain of knowledge in some subject.

What´s my story?

Since my childhood I have been a talkative and restless person, always looking for something different. This way of being has led me to make friends and have relationships with heterogeneous groups of people, from whom I have gained knowledge and very enriching experiences. In my spare time I took advantage of my free time to help my acquaintances and deepen in the subject that aroused my interest at that time, when I reached a certain degree of improvement in that area I integrated it into my life and moved on to the next one. I began to manipulate computers shortly before the arrival of Windows 95 and this opened up a world of possibilities for research. My study plan was to study application development as a vocation and investment for the future and then pursue a construction-related career to get a job. I didn’t think of computer science as what would give me immediate work tomorrow and thought of it more as a synergy of construction studies. When I finished my development studies, a company in Madrid asked my study center for 4 recommended profiles and this is where my career began.

What do I do at Openvia?

Design and development of IoT applications and internal development tools.

Ask me about…?

Whatever worries you and if I don’t know it, you can help me to discover new knowledge. You can ask me about: Technology, travel, world places and cultures, photography, politics, audio, economy, electric mobility, ecology, social networks, psychology, painting and drawing techniques, sport and biomechanics of the body, diets, 3D design, virtual reality, bureaucratic procedures and laws….

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