Jonathan Peterson-Ruiz

Who am I?

I am an optimistic and energetic person who seeks to bridge the gap between technology and politics to improve the quality of life for all.

What´s my story?

I have always been committed to sharing best practices and facilitating human mobility. Promoting solutions dedicated to the adoption of new programs, policies and technologies is an area in which I feel comfortable. My passion for human mobility stems from my love of travel and my own moving experience. Being an open book, I enjoy helping people find answers or distract them from their day to day lives.

What do I do at Openvia?

I work with the entire team to bring the best solutions to market. Our goal is to improve the experience of highway users and help those who maintain them. As Openvia’s ambassador in the United States, I will promote our solutions across platforms and seek new opportunities with customers.

Ask me about…?

Travel and places to eat sushi.

More from our team

We are a team of professionals with a wide range of experience and skills. We are passionate about technology and innovation, and we are committed to the development of our customers and partners.