Sustainable and climate-resilient transport infrastructure

Mobility is a fundamental aspect of meeting many of society’s basic needs. Without mobility systems, communities cannot function properly, but it is becoming increasingly clear that it is not possible to meet the world’s growing mobility demands by simply extending existing models. Mobility systems and transport infrastructures must become more efficient, accessible and equitable, reducing their impacts on the environment and making a positive contribution to society while offering a quality service adapted to the changing needs of users.

Committed to this transformation, at Globalvia we integrate sustainability transversally in all the processes of our value chain, focusing our actions on 4 strategic lines and 16 key objectives, defined in our Strategic Sustainability Plan «Sustaimobility 2024».

Thus, our four strategic lines of action in the area of sustainability are:

  • Mobility focused on our users.
  • Infrastructure to mitigate climate change.
  • CSR to support people, communities and diversity.
  • Promoting good governance in our relationships.

Aware of the strong relationship between innovation and sustainability, two of the pillars of our way of being, we have developed the strategic line «Sustainable mobility focused on our users». Our ambition is to promote the sustainable dimension of mobility and improve the quality of life in cities through innovation and the development of better, multimodal and more interconnected transportation systems. In this way, we improve the experience of users who rely on us every day during their journeys and strengthen our relationship with local communities in the six countries in which we operate.

One of the electric chargers installed in the car park of our offices in Beira Interior.

Openvia, our technological platform through which we channel and promote all our transformation, digitalization and innovation initiatives and projects, plays a key role in this. Thus, during the last few months we have worked on different initiatives and projects that show our commitment to sustainable mobility and climate change resilient infrastructures. Among them, it is worth highlighting:

  • Multimodality – Meep Sevilla by Globalvia > With Meep, we are committed to mobility as a service, through an App that combines the possibility of planning multimodal trips (metro, bus, electric scooters, bicycles, cabs, parking, among others) and making the payment at the click of a button. Meep Sevilla by Globalvia promotes a more connected and sustainable mobility by encouraging the use of alternative transport to private vehicles, allowing the user to choose the most convenient route at all times.
  • Connected vehicles and roads > The interaction between infrastructures, connected vehicles and drivers will make it possible to offer services for more sustainable mobility. According to a recent PwC study, 70% of cars will be connected by 2030, hence the concept of smart roads. Through Openvia, we have established a partnership with Salesforce to jointly develop one of the most advanced smart road ecosystems in the world. This SaaS -software as a service- solution, aimed at managing user mobility, integrates Salesforce’s cloud solutions to help build the digital capabilities required by these new assets.
  • ZBE Solution – One ZBE > We are committed to the implementation of the new Climate Change Law that promotes the deployment of Low Emission Zones in a total of 149 Spanish municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants from 2023. In this sense, through Openvia we seek, together with other partners, to be the lever for the deployment of these Zones in an agile and efficient way, ensuring a positive impact on citizens. The value proposition aims to combine a solid experience in mobility operation, artificial intelligence and prediction based on image analysis in order to provide real-time insights on traffic and pollution.
  • Development of Urban Aerial Mobility > Together with Ehang, a world leader in autonomous aerial vehicle («AAV») technology platforms, we seek to accelerate the joint study and exploration of services and solutions in this area, with a special focus on logistics and passenger transport services, both urban and long-haul, public and private. In this way, we promote new sustainable and environmentally friendly air mobility solutions.
  • Chargers and electric stations > Another of the actions carried out to promote the use of non-polluting transport has been the installation of charging points for electric vehicles outside Seville Metro stations, in the offices of our Portuguese concessions and along our highways in Costa Rica and Chile. In addition, parking spaces for scooters and bicycles with electric charging have also been installed inside the Seville Metro stations, thus promoting multimodality and the combined use of sustainable transport.

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These actions are just a few examples of all the initiatives we have detailed in our Strategic Sustainability Plan, «Sustaimobility 2024», and on which we work every day to meet the challenges we encounter as a transforming agent.

At Globalvia we are implementing a more connected, collaborative and sustainable society, our goal: to continue growing together.

Changing the world together!