Globalvia participates in the 20th ITS Spain Congress

The 20th edition of the Spanish Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems began on July 14 in Madrid. Spanish Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), an event that every year highlights the importance of combining mobility and innovation, and which Globalvia could not miss. In this context, on behalf of Globalvia, our colleague Naiara Bañares, Head of Operation and Maintenance, presented our Smart-45 project , a bet of the company for intelligent connectivity between the infrastructure and the vehicle.

By installing intelligent sensors on the road, Smart-45 aims to improve user safety and make driving easierthrough the collection of accurate information in real time. The information collected facilitates, for example, rapid detection and classification of road incidentsThis allows both the user and the concessionaire to make quick and efficient decisions in certain situations.

This ambitious project, which is currently in the testing phase, aims to achieve infrastructures prepared for the most autonomous driving possible, for which the collaboration and active involvement of the infrastructure sector will be essential, establishing alliances between companies, sectors and administrations that anticipate and address the new challenges of this autonomous driving system.

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This edition of the ITS Congress was attended by more than 130 companies from the infrastructure and technology sector, as well as from different administrations, making it a benchmark meeting in the field of intelligent mobility.