Asset management on the move

In the past (2014) everything was reduced to «paper and calls». This solution arose from the need to know in real time and in an accessible way what was happening in our infrastructures, giving rise to the first homogeneous Maintenance and Operation System among Globalvia concessions: comparison of standards, homogenisation of processes, functional implementations, user-friendly, quality standards, database, single platform and shared support. The OMA (Openvia Management of Assets) service can provide the necessary tools to carry out supervision, planning and execution tasks in an efficient and homogeneous manner, with continuous real-time information flows and flexible and user-adaptable configurations.

Where are we?

OMA modules





Map Service







Workers can be assigned to different shifts and checkpoints or mandatory routes can be defined for workers/subcontractors. From the mobile app or from the web, the people assigned to each shift can be confirmed. The start and end of shifts can be edited in the same way. This module allows you to see the incidents, preventive and corrective work carried out by each worker on their shift, as well as the calls made and the vehicles used.


All assets of any nature (pavement, ITS, drainage, ventilation…) can be geolocated and referenced with the necessary local unit (road, tunnel, square, crossroads, street…), both for scheduled preventive works and to make assignments for corrective works, as well as to assign inspections. A perfect complement to your operational procedures.


Unlimited maintenance, inspection, verification, installation and construction plans can be created, associated to the different asset families and to the degree of compliance with the scheduled tasks (with checklists).


Several functionalities are available, constantly evolving and being updated:

  • Call log.
  • Communications Console.
  • Alarm and incident management console.
  • PMVS Console.
  • IoT control modules: PMVS console, IoT meteorology, telemonitoring, counting stations.