Ágora, Globalvia’s new space open to the world

Today, 4 October, Globalvia inaugurates ÁGORA, a new space for sharing knowledge, discussing new trends, innovation and the future.

This new space was presented to the employees of Globalvia’s Corporación office by Antonio Fontanini, Chief Exponential Officer of Opinno, who was in charge of leading the first session of Ágora.

Antoni focused his presentation on the leader in the face of innovation, where he presented the competencies and aptitudes of a good leader in the face of the arrival of innovation, as well as the correct management of his team when faced with a challenge, change, challenge or novelty that must be taken on and led.

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Thanks to his intervention, we have been able to have a broader vision of the behaviour of a leader in the face of the emerging arrival of innovation in companies and how to manage it with the rest of the team.

After the success of this inaugural session of Agora, we are already thinking about the next guest who will share with all the colleagues of the Corporation his experience and knowledge in his specific field of work.

We look forward to sharing the second agora session very soon!