Pablo Fernández

Innovation and Product Manager at Openvia Mobility

Who am I?

I think that I’m a person who believes that it’s impossible to live without a sense of humor. Lover of sport, although I sometimes go overboard. And above all, curious; curiosity is what drives me in my personal and professional life.


What´s my story?

I think that my story is one of adaptation and resilience. I’ve always been a (Telecommunications) Engineer by vocation, starting out as a development engineer in the defense sector. To satisfy the company’s needs, I had to transform myself, which is when I started managing teams and projects, and I liked what I was doing. But the best was yet to come. The next step was working in innovation for Ferrovial and that was the “drug” that got me hooked. Three years later I had the opportunity to join Globalvia and Openvia, expanding my horizons even further in the field of Innovation. Now there are no limits: projects, corporate culture, investments, etc.


What do I do at Openvia?

With the help of my colleagues, I create digital solutions and products that are revolutionizing mobility and bringing the future that much closer to all of us.


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