Metro de Sevilla welcomes Telmo!

Telmo, Metro de Sevilla’s virtual assistant, will be presented to users on 29 November. It is a chatbot, an artificial intelligence computer application designed to help Seville’s railway users by simply sending a WhatsApp message to the telephone number 609 402 906.

Telmo will provide quick and easy answers to the most frequently asked questions by Metro de Sevilla passengers about the underground service. Questions related to timetables and frequencies, travel recommendations or the regulations governing the service are answered promptly. If he does not know the answer to the information requested, Telmo will pass the conversation on to someone from the Customer Service Office, although he will remain very attentive to the response in order to continue learning about Metro and the doubts that users have.

To be even more useful, in addition to resolving doubts, Telmo has implemented several functions that allow you to find out, in an agile way, when the next trains are running, the available balance on a metro card, how long a journey takes or how to get to a station. All this, in an instant, simply by requesting it with a WhatsApp message.

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This pioneering initiative is an example of Metro de Sevilla’s commitment to innovation applied to improving the user experience and forms part of the initiatives included in Globalvia’s global INNGLOVATION project.