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At Globalvia we are aware of the importance of guaranteeing the safety of our users every time they travel on one of our roads or on one of our railroads. We work to connect society with all its possibilities, and to this end, one of our priorities is to offer the best service to all those who rely on us to make their journeys in the six countries in which we operate. Beyond meeting the necessary quality standards, we aspire to go one step further to devise and implement solutions that make our infrastructure safe and convenient for all our users.

In this sense, innovation becomes a faithful traveling companion and, thanks to the involvement of our professionals, during the last few months several projects have seen the light of day in our assets, with which we contribute to improve the experience and safety of our users.

Safety on our railways:

Thus, last March, our Metro de Sevilla concession implemented a system that permanently monitors the level of air renewal inside the trains in real time, in order to offer maximum safety to passengers in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Metro de Sevilla ‘s ventilation systems ensure constant air renewal, which is essential to eliminate the aerosols by which the coronavirus is transmitted. Users themselves can also check the air quality of the trains they travel on easily by simply scanning the QR codes placed inside the trains or through the Metro de Sevilla website and app.

The value shown is the average CO2 concentration over the last 15 minutes, which is the average duration of a subway ride. For ease of interpretation, a code is displayed, ranging from «excellent» for concentrations below 700 ppm, to the maximum of the scale, in case the concentration reaches 1500 ppm, which would be categorized as «very low» air quality level. In addition to this, the user will also obtain information on the temperature and relative humidity inside the trains.

This system allows Metro de Sevilla employees to check in real time that the air renewal systems of all trains are working properly, an innovation that adds to other measures implemented in recent months to increase passenger safety in our Seville metro, such as the station occupancy control system, which provides a real-time analysis of the volume of passengers on the platforms and in the station lobbies.

Access to one of Seville’s Metro stations

Safety on our roads:

On the other hand, last November our Portuguese concession Beira Interior, successfully completed the C-Roads pilot project, with the implementation and deployment of five use cases. C-Roads is a European initiative that allows Authorities and Operators to homogenize and harmonize the deployment of Intelligent Transport Cooperative Systems. These systems, also known as C-ITS, are a group of technologies and applications that effectively enable the exchange of information through wireless communications between various components and actors in the transport environment, mainly between vehicles and between vehicle and infrastructure.

C-ITS allow the infrastructure operator to transmit safety-related information and different events occurring on the road, at specific locations and in real time, which improves traffic conditions and reduces accident risks.

Inside the Gardunha Tunnel

The C-Roads pilot started in our Beira Interior concession during 2020, with a section of the road including the 1.6km long Gardunha Tunnel being chosen as the location.

Thanks to the implementation of these systems, through a centralized C-ITS platform, our operators at the Lardosa Control Center are able to monitor the status of this section of the road and configure the warnings and alerts that drivers will receive in real time, upon detection of the following use cases successfully implemented in this pilot project: road works and works on the road, approach of emergency vehicles, accident on the road, information on gantry location and toll collection and communications between vehicles, allowing for example safe overtaking maneuvers.

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Once the message is configured, the devices deployed along the road transmit the warning message automatically, reaching the geolocation devices of drivers travelling on the selected stretch.

This pilot shows that C-ITS open a new communication channel between the road operator and road users, allowing for improved driving conditions on the road and reducing accidents, thus improving the safety of our users.

Through our commitment to projects such as these, at Globalvia we continue to advance day by day to guarantee the greatest safety and offer the best service to all those who trust us with their journeys.

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