Manage your road assets & operations efficiently

Geomic has already been implemented in several countries in North America, Latin America and Europe.

Consolidate all your O&M data and manage your assets openly on one platform. Our proven solution and friendly user interface enables road operators to digitize their assets and day-to-day operations capturing the nuances presented throughout the life cycle of the road.

Collected data can easily be exported and leveraged by third party platforms, such as Valerann.

Geomic provides infrastructure and mobility operators with a digital dynamic portfolio of tools to facilitate the management of all O&M tasks.

Built by operators, for operators, Geomic’s interconnected modules create a flexible platform where road staff and operators can interact and address all day-to-day activities.

Multidevice Operations and Asset Management Solution


Open API leads to fast and easy Integration


Services include: digital work orders, routine maintenance scheduling, as well as real-time fleet + inventory monitoring and mapping.

Geomic Modules & Functionalities:

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet and consumption on the same platform. Include integration with Map.

Datex and Reporting

Customize, schedule and automate compliance and reporting procedures.

Enterprise Asset Management

Incident and Traffic tools, include planning & corrective maintenance schedules and warehouse asset availability.


Link to assets and manage different locations.

Traffic Flows

Real Time Monitoring, Trends, and Reporting


Module dedicated to addressing physical and cyber threats.

Map Service

Run your own dynamic map: tracking assets, registering incidents, and generating ad hoc reports.

Equipment Tracking

Inventory of road assets and system integration, IoT

Dynamic Shift Scheduling

Manage your personnel's shifts through works assesment

Lanternn by valerann and openvia asset management

Lanternn by Valerann and Geomic by Openvia is an end-to-end solution for road network operations management that provides a holistic platform to traffic event monitoring, incident detection, management, resolution and maintenance.

The integration of Lanternn by Valerann™ with Geomic by Openvia, significantly enriches and expands Geomic functional capabilities resulting in delivery of comprehensive overview of road operations. By taking operational data from Geomic and seamlessly incorporating all available roadway disparate datasources, the joint solution simplifies and accelerates the delivery of highly relevant insights to the operations managers.