Autopista del Aconcagua, a major player in the first ElectroRoute in the country

Last Friday, 17 January, the most ambitious electric route in Latin America was presented in Santiago de Chile, the first in the country, which will link Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas, with the installation of 1,200 charging points, with the possibility of more than 1,800 connections for electric vehicles.

However, it will not be until 4 years from now (2024) when the electric road will be fully ready for use. By that time, it is estimated that there will be more than 81,000 electric cars in the country. According to experts, the ElectroRoute will cover more than half of the energy charging infrastructure needs with an initial investment of up to 15 billion dollars.
Autopista del Aconcagua, a Chilean concession of Globalvia, participated as a major player in this unprecedented public-private effort and is already working on the installation of four electro-chargers in its service areas.

Gastón Oróstegui during his intervention

This E-Mobility Public Infrastructure Plan will go hand in hand with Enel X, who organised an event to present the ElectroRoute in which Autopista del Aconcagua participated with a stand together with the rest of the companies signing this agreement. In addition, Gastón Oróstegui, Country Manager for Costa Rica and Mexico and Manager of Autopista de Aconcagua participated in the round table discussion «Electromobility belongs to everyone, the other view». According to Gastón, «this milestone is extremely important, thanks to which we are turning our highways in Chile into a world reference».

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Globalvia stand at the event