Infraestructuras de carretera más seguras y sostenibles con NeoRoads


NeoRoads proporciona un kit completo de servicios y tecnologías a los operadores de carreteras que les permita digitalizar su infraestructura, mejorando así sus procesos de O&M, y adaptarla tanto a los nuevos tipos de tráfico como a las necesidades siempre cambiantes de sus usuarios finales.

Principales beneficios de

Optimization and streamlining of road operation processes, improving the use of resources and speed in decision making and response.

Increased safety conditions on the road for all road users: normal traffic, highway workers, vulnerable road users, etc.

Adaptation to new types of vehicle traffic: electric and connected. Not only making roads more flexible but also offering new services adapted to the needs of users.

Make infrastructure maintenance activities more efficient and sustainable by being able to prevent failures and addressing deficiencies before they occur.

Generate a more sustainable road infrastructure ecosystem in environmental, social and economic terms, allowing all stakeholders to be more resilient in the face of increasingly uncertain times and contexts.

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