Intelligent Operantions

Road maintenance

Digital platform that provides infrastructure operators with all the necessary tools to effectively manage all O&M tasks throughout the infrastructure lifecycle.


The optimal asset management platform for any transport operator

Geomic's design creates an interconnected system of modules that allow staff and operators to manage all aspects of their day-to-day activities:

Main functionalities and benefits:

  • User-friendly web interface with high-resolution maps for geolocation of assets, incidents and maintenance work.
  • Mobile application for incident reporting and field work management.
  • Modular design that facilitates interoperability and expansion of functionalities and partners.
  • Control of material costs and asset repair times.
  • Monthly subscription model after implementation.

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Progressive and evolutionary growth focused on user needs.

From Openvia we will add functionalities and technological solutions to make Geomic the most flexible platform for preventive and corrective management of any transportation infrastructure.