Our team

At Openvia we firmly believe that in order to offer the best solutions to our clients, it is essential to have an exceptional team of people. That is why we have the right people and the right talent to make this adventure a reality.

Fernando Vallejo

Managing Director at Openvia Mobility

Ángela Montánchez

Head of Growth at Openvia Mobility

Pablo Fernández

Innovation and Program Manager

Egoitz Arcauz

Finance Manager

Alexandru Grama

IoT Specialist

Juan Miguel Martínez Santos

Solution Architect

Isabel Fernandez

Marketing Manager

Antonio Franco

DevOps and Software Control Developer

Guillermo Cañada Valverde

DevOps and Hardware Developer

Arancha Gomez

Administration and Finance Trainee Analyst

Gema Ferrero

Gema Ferrero

Managing Director of Bluenest by Globalvia

José Ignacio Rodríguez

Operations and Business Development Manager at Bluenest by Globalvia

Isidoro Toledano

Director of Operations of Bluenest by Globalvia

Rafael Higuera

Practice Leader at Bluenest by Globalvia

Ángeles Echevarría

Managing Director of Openvia Portugal & Head of Operations at Openvia Mobility

Ricardo Vilela

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Jorge Rodrigues

Deputy General Manager

Diamantino Abobeleira

Support Manager Leader

Luis Coutinho

Senior Software Developer and Team Leader

Luis Maia

Product Owner

José Antonio Eira

IT Manager

Cátia Queirós

Support Engineer

Rui Madureira

QA Software Tester

Cátia Botelho

Accounting Technician

Gabriela Duque

Junior Product Owner

Fabio Miranda

Support Engineer

Jonathan Peterson-Ruiz

USA Business Development Manager