At Openvia we generate synergies with the main players in the mobility and transport infrastructure sector to co-create solutions that will transform the future of mobility. We work with tech corps, start-ups, R&D centers, universities and innovative agents both nationally and internationally.

And this is how we have launched our Openvia Challenges! Our first open innovation program aimed at solving, together with the innovative community, the business challenges defined by the company in the field of mobility. We are continuously looking for startups, innovative ideas and scalable projects that provide differential value through the application of innovative solutions.

See for more information about OpenviaChallenges. more information about OpenviaChallenges.

The Openvia ecosystem

To make our ideas a reality and implement our projects, we collaborate with companies, startups, research centers and university ecosystem agents specialized in the development of software, hardware and specialized solutions, to develop innovative solutions in the field of mobility:




Research Centers

Ecosystem agents